Applications of Stormbee

We can’t hardly imagine a world without drones. Nowadays UAV’s are omnipresent. They are essential for industrial, civil, forensic and public applications. These airborne tools equipped with a FARO scanner are used for safety, large-scale data analysis and accurate 3D scanning and measuring.

First of all drones are indispensable for infrastructure surveys. They increase the safety and reduce the workload of operators by exploring unreached areas, by making point clouds, by using 3D images of vast territories, open pit mines and by scanning large buildings, factories and plants. Furthermore drones are a great asset for infrastructure inspection, civil engineering and bridge construction.

Additionally drones are valuable for damage mapping, pile calculations, investigations concerning the vastness of territories and land restoration, afforestation, the distribution of seedlings (tree plant), the detection of canopy gaps and high-risk zones such as swamp bottoms…
Besides, drones are able to monitor the cultivation of plant life and they are a great help against crop failure and illegal mining and criminality in the woods. Drones can even inform authorities about sick trees in rainforests and spread fertilizers where needed.

UAV’s send a complete global overview of vast territories. STORMBEE allows engineers on site to capture highly trusted and accurate data thanks to LIDAR technology. So they can easily debate issues, equipment needs, approaches, study risks and solve airborne problems.

STORMBEE also proves it’s efficiency for archeological purposes by using point clouds and high-resolution images. So drones can dig up new excavation sites, survey large fields and discover unexplored sites and reveal archeological remains invisible from ground level.

Drones are also a valuable aerial surveillance and crime-fighting tool for police departments and governments. They ensure public safety, resolve emergency situations, prevent natural disasters such as wide fires, track missing persons and criminal organisations and support safety operations.

With its technology and Beeflex software, STORMBEE is a significant, irreplaceable airborne solution to reduce costs, to save time and to increase productivity. In short, Stormbee is a vehicle that proves its usefulness in various fields and for numerous applications.

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