Aerial Mapping System STORMBEE

STORMBEE UAV-20 is used for aerial surveys of industrial facilities, storage areas, forestry and agricultural land and the other spaces difficult to reach in a road vehicle. STORMBEE UAV-20 has a light carbon fiber frame and can be equipped with any FARO 3D laser scanner.

Stormbee UAV

  • Dimensions: 145 cm x 150 cm x 60 cm
  • Size for transport: 70 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg (excluding scanner)
  • Fully automatic takeoff, flight trajectory, and landing via iPad control station.
  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Flight Speed: 0 to 15 m/s
  • Altitude: 10 to 100 m
  • Wind resistance: 30km/hr
  • Operating environment temperature: -5°C / 45°C
  • Full carbon fiber frame with foldable motor arms
  • Vertical field of view: 300°
  • Absolute point cloud accuracy @ 30m: 5 cm
  • Relative accuracy: 1-2 cm
  • Export formats: LAS, E57
  • Compatible with any Faro terrestrial laser scanner
  • Measurement range dependent on Faro scanner option
  • Built-in power supply for Faro scanner
  • Included software: flight planning, GNSS post-processing, and point cloud reconstruction
  • GNSS base station can be used optionally for best results at remote locations

Applications of the Aerial Mapping System STORMBEE UAV-20

STORMBEE UAV-20 is a turn-key solution for any business interested in scanning its property and monitoring its security and safety. STORMBEE UAV-20 equipment is used for pipe lines, bridges, industrial plants etc. The STORMBEE can be used in both autonomous and piloted mode and generates a precise geo-referenced point cloud. STORMBEE equipment is delivered complete with the control station, power supply, charger, software and user manual. Piloting the STORMBEE requires a preliminary 2-3-day training course.

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