STORMBEE NA LLC is delighted to announce the partnership with DiCarlo Precision Instrument Inc.

STORMBEE, with headquarters in Belgium and sales office in US, engineers, designs and manufactures mobile mapping systems.

DiCarlo Precision Instrument Inc, based in Maryland, has been involved in selling, renting and operating FARO laser scanning products since 2012.

 The BEEMOBILE is an exciting product that enables an already useful scanner to expand into the mobile scanning environment. Having one FARO scanner now allows multiple applications that have traditionally been done with separate hardware devices. Stationary scanning is usually the most frequently used function for a company. Using the same FARO Focus S scanner for mobile scanning with the addition of the BEEMOBILE is an excellent expansion to its utility. Being able to mount the FARO Focus S to a vehicle and pair it to a GNSS receiver with a precision IMU allows a user to collect data of long stretches in minutes. At 40 mph (70 kph) data of ~8 inches (~20 cm) spacing can be collected with no additional hardware necessary. The data collection going from stationary to mobile scanning and back to stationary is quick and easy.

 Lukas Duruttya, Lead 3D Geospatial Technician of DiCarlo Precision Instrument is excited to have the ability to expand their existing equipment.
“The ability to quickly collect and then continue with stationary scanning is unique with the BEEMOBILE. The data collection allows for quick utility line clearance checks without lengthy setups and allows for sign inventory and utility maintenance inspections to be performed repeatedly. Because the data set is georeferenced, one can run a comparison of changes with data sets collected at different time intervals, highlighting those changes.

The BEEMOBILE is a relatively cost-effective expansion to our FARO Focus S scanner allowing us to use the device in a variety of applications without spending too much on dedicated mobile scanning hardware.”


For more information:

DiCarlo Precision Instrument and DiCarlo Digital Copy Center | Salisbury, MD (dicarlotech.com)

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